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Those Darn Double Decreases
Wednesday, June 4, 2008, 12:15 pm
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The Jaywalker sock I stared this past weekend was going along just fine…until I finished the ribbing and got into the actual pattern. I ended up frogging it because I was having trouble with the double decreases. To make the double decrease, you slip two stitches together as if to knit, knit the third stitch, and pass the slipped stitches over that knit stitch and off the needle. Well, every time I tried it, all three stitches would come off the needle together. I worked on the technique and started to get the hang of it, but it felt so awkward that I wasn’t sure I was on the right track.

I made poor RAM watch videos at just to see if there was anything I might be missing. He lovingly tried to interpret what he saw, but he is not a knitter, so neither of us was one hundred percent sure that what we were doing was right.

Well, last night at Knit Night, I told my friends of my sock knitting woes. The Healing Teacher whipped out some scrap yarn and spare needles, and Judah showed me the decrease. It turns out I was on the right track all along. I just need to be sure to hold that top stitch in place as I bring the slipped stitches off the right needle. Then, I can drop them off the left needle tip.

I’ve decided not to work on the sock for the moment and instead take some scrap yarn and make a pattern swatch. I want to practice those decreases until I can do them in my sleep–or at least, until I’m comfortable with them–before knitting the actual sock. My friends and I agree that this is an ambitious project for a first sock, but I am eager to take on the challenge.

On another note, I finished the diagonal baby blanket! Well, except for weaving in the ends, which I hate. If I had used the Lion Brand Pound of Love yarn, I only would have had two ends to weave in. But I used the Sirdar Snuggly DK, which comes in 50-gram balls, so I have considerably more than that. (Photos coming after I weave in those darn ends.)

As I was working on the blanket last night, I held it up for my friends to see. They unanimously agreed that it was the perfect size and not too small. So that means my nephew gets to be the recipient, after all. And here I thought I didn’t have enough yarn! Don’t you just love how God miraculously provides?

I guess Peace will have to keep waiting for her blanket. I’m sure she won’t mind, as long as I throw in a few extra belly rubs with my apology.

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I gave up on my jaywalkers for now also. I can do the decreases I simply cannot remember where I was at when I laid it down. I frogged back to the ribbing. I think my friend will get plain socks…

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