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My First Socks
Saturday, May 31, 2008, 3:20 pm
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As I was reading Marti’s blog last week, I got to thinking about sock knitting. In her post, she expressed frustration at her lack of sock knitting progress. Still, she doesn’t want to give up, and I wrote a note to encourage her.

As I thought about it, encouraging someone to knit socks when you haven’t actually made any yourself means that you may sympathize with their frustration, but there is no way you will empathize with them. I had an introduction to sock knitting by making a couple of pairs of felted booties, but then sock knitting went by the wayside because of projects I was, and am, working on for gifts.

Today, RAM has to work at our local hurricane expo, and I offered to tag along. That means five hours of sitting at his radio station’s booth, waiting for people to walk by and inquire for information and about hurricane preparedness. Peace’s blanket is almost finished and barely fits in my GoKnit pouch. Moreover, it is getting bulky and a bit awkward to handle, so it needs to be relegated to the knit-at-home pile.

Five hours with idle hands is not a good thing. I needed something portable to knit. I know, SOCKS!

As I was searching for sock patterns in Ravelry, I came across the pattern for Jaywalkers that Marti was working on. After looking over the pattern (I had to edit it, because my screen reader did not translate the PDF correctly), I decided to give it a try.

I raided my stash of sock yarn and chose a beautiful blue. I made a gauge swatch and cast on for the socks.

These first few rows are agonizingly slow and involve a lot of concentration. I haven’t worked with fingering weight yarn before, so my fingers are tripping over themselves as I both knit and look at what I’m doing, but I am making slow but sure progress.

Marti, I feel your pain, but just for you (and as a spiritual challenge), I promise to swallow my pride and post photos of the good, the bad, and the ugly. I don’t know how many “design elements” there will be or even if these socks will actually fit when I’m done, but there is always more yarn, and I have a lifetime to get it right. So do you!

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Way to go! So many brace knitters out there! You can do it!

Comment by leah

[...] at a yard sale. It’s really a makeup bag but I made it into a sock knitting bag. Thank you Faith for your post that made me want to persevere! If you haven’t read Faith’s blog you [...]

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Hi, faith and friends! I am thinking of getting back to my crocheting now that school is almost out for the sumnmer. After setting up my brand-new vista 64 computer, I have been pretty busy. We also had finals at school and graduation last week (May 24).

It now looks as tough I might have some time to get the hook back in my hand and finish that afghan!

Sorry I have not posted for a while!

Comment by maggiemama1

Hi Faith, I read about you on Marti’s blog (I love Marti)! As a long time sock knitter (gazillion years +) I have a few suggestions to make sock knitting easier starting out: 1. Start with a “no design” sock–just a simple leg and flap/gusset heel. 2. Use a heavier weight sock yarn like Socks That Rock and a larger size needle. I constantly knit socks and never use anything smaller than size #2 needles. After a couple pairs done this simple way you will be ready to tackle a pattern like Jaywalkers AND you will be addicted to sock knitting. Hope this helps!

Comment by Katherine

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