Knitting by Blind Faith

A Union Approved Break?
Friday, April 25, 2008, 6:00 pm
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This afternoon, I decided to leave Joy sleeping in her bed while I took a restroom break. One of my coworkers saw me in the hall and asked, “Is your puppy taking a union approved break?”

“Yes, she is,” I said, laughing.

As I continued on down the hall, another coworker asked me to explain. As I was explaining that I had left Joy back in the office, since I was simply going to the restroom, here she came cautiously down the hall looking for me! I called her name, and she came quickly and with confidence, dragging her leash behind her. She was wagging her tail and prancing as she approached me, and I picked up her leash and praised her.

“That’s the reaction my dog gives me after being gone all day,” my coworker said. “You’d think she went a whole day without seeing you, not two minutes.”

Joy, for her part, took pride in the fact that, even though I, in my moment of pure insanity, had the audacity to think that I could get along without her, *she* did not forget that I belonged to her and was *her* responsibility.

Lesson learned. My girl takes such good care of me! :)

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!
Thursday, April 24, 2008, 12:15 pm
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This week has been about like last weekend. Time just keeps flying by.

RAM and I have been working some long hours this week. On Tuesday, I was at work at 7:00 A.M., worked a full day, came home, took care of the girls, and dropped in to Knit Night to say hi to the girls before jetting off with RAM to take our friend, S., to Sam’s Club to pick out a battery backup for her computer system. We got home at 9:00 that night and ended up bringing home takeout because we were too exhausted to fix dinner.

We both went in early again yesterday, and RAM was supposed to work until 10:00 last night, but he came home for dinner and surprised me. He folded the laundry while I whipped up dinner (isn’t he a sweetheart???), and we had just enough time to eat before he made the 17 mile commute back to work, and I met I. for our bridge walk. I had planned to eat dinner alone, so this was a really nice surprise.

When I came back from the bridge walk, I finished cleaning up the kitchen. That gave me about an hour for knitting before I took the girls out for their last walk of the night, prepped for the morning, and flopped into bed. Needless to say, I haven’t made as much progress on the diagonal baby blanket this week as I would have liked, and this weekend doesn’t look promising.

RAM and I are both amateur radio operators, so we will be helping to provide communications for our local March of Dimes walk-a-thon this Saturday. The March for Babies raises money to help all babies get a healthy start in life. I am a premie who got off to a pretty shaky start, so this is especially important to me.

I plan to bring my knitting, but I’m not sure how much I will get done. If I work at one of the water stations or in a mobile vehicle following the walkers, I should be able to combine some knitting time with my communications duties. However, if I am net control (like base command), which I usually am, the knitting will have to wait.

After the walk-a-thon, I am going over to S.’s house. She wants to learn how to knit. I have never taught a blind person to knit before, so this poses an interesting challenge, which I am immensely eager to tackle. I am working on teaching strategies in my head, since traditional ones may not be the most effective. It will be hard for her to tell what I’m doing by feeling my hands, and I won’t be able to touch her hands to see if she’s getting it right without distracting her, since she is a new knitter. On the other hand, having struggled to learn myself, I’m hoping to use that experience to help her avoid some of the struggles I faced as a new knitter.

Mom, Dad, I love you, and I promise that calling you really is on my to-do list!

Is the weekend over already?
Sunday, April 20, 2008, 10:13 pm
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I can’t believe it’s Sunday night already! We just finished eating dinner (I made barbecue cups), RAM is cleaning up, and “Sweet Nothing in My Ear” is on TV. Where has the weekend gone?

RAM and I had quite a busy weekend. He went to the next town to help with the March of Dimes walk-a-thon yesterday. I hadn’t quite recovered from giving blood–I still wasn’t feeling 100%–so I elected to stay home and spend time
with my girls.

It was a beautiful day, and I spent time out on my patio working on the diagonal baby blanket.

Diagonal baby blanket in progress

After RAM came home, we decided to go to Red Lobster for dinner. This is a tradition for us. My cousin and his wife got us a gift certificate for Red Lobster as a wedding present. When we got back from our honeymoon cruise, on which we ate lots of seafood, we decided to treat ourselves to Red Lobster to make the honeymoon last a little longer. That was four years and nine months ago. And every month since then, on or around the 19th, we have gone to Red Lobster to celebrate our monthly anniversary.

Needless to say, we’re regulars. I have come up with a list of signs that you know you go to Red Lobster too much.

You know you go to Red Lobster too often when…

– The hostess greets you with, “Hey, you too!”, and half the wait staff pours into the lobby to say hello (or they come over to your table after you are seated, just to chat).

– You have a five minute conversation with the wait staff in the lobby that is only interrupted by a kind woman beckoning you to a chair that just opened up.

– Your hour wait mysteriously turns into 20 minutes (please note mixed emotions about the loss of knitting time).

– Your server doesn’t even bother to go over the specials and fresh fish on the card because you are “professionals”.


– You are told in advance about upcoming promotions because they know you’ll be back!

I swear, this is all true!

Today, RAM, I., and I walked up to Panera to have breakfast and then over to the mall. I had wanted to have my hair cut, but all the salons were booked up (plus, the prices were outrageous!). I was bummed, but got the name of a great salon from a friend that I am anxious to try. Maybe I’ll go later this week or next weekend. I. wants to be there to see me get all my hair chopped off (it is down past my waist), so we have to coordinate our schedules. I’ll post pictures, I promise.

I learned that my mom is graduating on May 10. She studied to become a respiratory therapist. Go, Mom! I am so proud of you!!!