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Oops! She Did It Again!
Friday, March 14, 2008, 5:00 am
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Those of you who know Abigail know that her brand of structured chaos has a tendency to whip through your happy, ordinary life and switch things up a bit. Until I met her, I was an *gasp* occasional knitter who took pleasure in taking months to churn out an afghan. Now, she’s got me knitting dish cloths, hats, socks, and even pants. My poor little process knit is in exile, begging for a hug.

To further illustrate my point, I had a post all lined up for today until she threw a fabulous dinner party last night that was so much fun that I have to delay my other post until Monday, just so I can blog about it. We all talked and laughed and ate fabulous, fattening food.

But that’s not the worst crime of fun. Before I tell you what the worst crime of fun was, I need to explain to you that, until very recently, not only was I one of those rare knitters that only had one project on the needles at any given time and was petrified of ever having more than one project going at once, but I am that rare breed of knitter that has a stash phobia. Give me just enough yarn, plus a little emergency extra, to complete my current project and maybe the next one, and I’m golden. But the mere thought of stockpiling yarn for a rainy day–that whole “let the yarn tell me what it wants to be” thing–absolutely terrifies me!

Well, last night after dinner, knowing full well about my phobia, Abigail had a stash lottery, and I came home with something like 25 balls of yarn. (I know that 25 balls of yarn may not constitute a stash in your way of thinking, but remember, I am stash challenged.) This is yarn that I have no plans for at the moment, and I am just at a loss. I have never dealt with this before, and I don’t know what to do.

Now, I have refrained from posting photos of this *big gasp*–I don’t think I can say it–stash, because I know what you’re thinking. Because you are a kind and loving knitter with only my best interests at heart, you don’t want to see me lapse into a nervous breakdown from stash phobia, and you’ll offer, begrudgingly, I’m sure, to take the offending stash off my hands, and thus, return my life to its normal, predictable state.

Well, I want to thank you for your generosity and willingness to bear this burden, but I have decided to face my fears head-on. It’s the only way to work through them. I’m thinking the following might help me overcome stash phobia (feel free to add suggestions):

1. Slowly get to know the yarn, one ball at a time. Touch it, admire it, and try to let it tell me what it wants to be.

2. Slowly work my way up to viewing multiple balls of yarn at a time. Admire them gradually, and take time to breathe.

3. Organize the yarn, and plan a project for each ball.

4. In the event that I become truly panic-stricken, pretend that I’m simply storing the yarn for a friend; it’s not really mine. (What? You want to be that friend? Cool! You can pretend with me.)

5. If all else fails, try immersion therapy: I will go to my LYS–without my personal yarn shopper (Abigail)–drown in yarn until I’m cured, and try not to come home with any of those lovely fibers!

I think the Yarn Harlot may have suggested some of the above. If not, she should have.

At the conclusion of the dinner party, RB presented Joy with a giant tug rope. She absolutely adores it! I think she has a new best friend.

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I love this post! You cracked me up. I am not stash challenged much to hubby’s chagrin. Although I tend to avoid sock yarn at all costs!

Comment by marti

Too funny! I’m not a huge stasher either. Small apartment, husband who doesn’t really get it, and small budget, but….I do like having a few odd balls of yarn lying around. It lets me dream about what they could be. Sometimes planning the project is as fun as creating it! :)

Comment by leah

Welcome to blogland! I found you through Abigail’s blog.

Comment by Beth

What exaclty is my kind of “Structured Choas”?

I’m glad that I could shake things up a bit after all what are friends for?

Comment by a1870pearl

My definition of structured chaos: A contagious enthusiasm for life that dramatically changes the routine of one’s own life and/or the lives of others. There is a method to the madness (hence, structure), accompanied by a frenzied desire to take life by the horns (chaos). Example: The act of branching out by cramming a few years worth of knitting learning into a few months.

Hey, what do you all think about lining my living room with shelves (okay, a small bookshelf) and pretending that I’m in a yarn shop? A good cure for stash phobia?

Comment by Faith

I like your definition of structured chaos! It fits our friend, Abigail, to a ‘T’ because her contagious enthusiasm for knitting has certainly touched my life schedule as well as my heart along with the friendships (and recently increased yarn stash) that have accompanied her.

I’m so pleased to see you facing your phobia head-on and am thinking about your livingroom. I’m not sure it’s the ultimate cure but it sounds like fun and certainly encompasses the essence of your five posted suggestions to overcome your stash phobia. Perhaps having it where you can regularly squeeze it will be good therapy, indeed, reminding you of it’s patient (persistent) presence as you walk out God’s plan in your life. Call me if you need help arranging it. I certainly want to help prevent a future breakdown at all costs! :-)


Comment by Chosen

[...] of the girls came away with new yarn in hand. I still haven’t quite gotten over my stash phobia, so I refrained from making any new purchases. (I can enjoy being surrounded by yarn without taking [...]

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